MOKO AND FUSARIUM are perennial diseases infecting almost all banana farms worldwide and becoming a big concern due to the fast rate of infection spreading. Controlling the infection proves to be very challenging and actual methods are not efficient both ecologically and economically.

The traditional method of treating Fusarium (Panama) and Moko disease has been to treat the infected plantation with pesticides, then chop and burn the infected follower and buffer plants. The problem with this method is that it doesn’t kill the spores that are already in the soil, and it doesn’t treat the healthy banana offshoots that can serve as carriers for the diseases. Thus, the diseases have a chance to recur and spread even further throughout the plantation until the crops are completely wiped out.

The large amount of needed materials and labor intensive process involved in the eradication of the disease renders the actual traditional method very costly.

DELFI Agriventures Corporation is now offering a new technology providing a completely new way to deal with Moko and Fusarium diseases.

DELFI Agriventures solution to Moko – Fusarium disease is both ecologically sound and cost effective: it uses organic, non-toxic products and costs 60% less than the traditional method of eradication.

  • Followers and buffer plants are saved for production
  • No chopping and burning of infected, follower and buffer plants therefore no production loss
  • No disease recurrence
  • Does not create environmental pollution problem
  • Does not use toxic synthetic pesticide
  • Safe to applicator
  • The technology uses only the three (3) products Combination: Agrimin plus, Tierra Green plus, Tri-foc plus.



Injecting the affected plants, followers and buffer plants with Agrimin plus product to inhibit and neutralize the growth of pathogenic microbial (bacterial / fungal) population thus preventing disease development and epidemic and to provide nutritional booster to make the plant vigor and resistant to diseases resulting to disease prevention management.


Application of Agrimin plus, Tierra Green plus and Tri-foc plus will not only result to inhibit / neutralize the growth of pathogenic microbial (bacterial/fungal) population in the soil, it will also condition the soil thus it will bring back the fertility of the soil. It will also provide the natural enemy against the bacterial fungal by application of Tri-Foc plus (Trichoderma harzianum).

Delfi offers the following treatment programs for different disease infections:

1. Moko -PD Disease Prevention and Management for Isolated Cases

2. Moko -PD Disease Prevention and Management for squared off or abandoned areas due to severe Moko – PD infections

3. Moko -PD Disease prevention and management for newly opened areas (with or without hosting of disease infections)

In order to help banana growers in preventing, inhibiting and neutralize the spread of moko and fusarium disease, DELFI Agriventures Corp. offers an integrated solution and provides:

  • All the necessary products for the treatment and application protocol.
  • Guidelines to technical services manager of the plantation.
  • Training to the Disease Eradication Team (DET) of the plantation on proper handling and application of the program (Product and Technology) prior to the start of the treatment application.
  • Weekly monitoring of the treatment application of the Disease Eradication Team (DET) to ensure that proper implementation of the treatment is followed and applied.


The plantation company can use its own Disease Eradication Team (DET) to update all the PD cases eradication and treatment.